Central Operations Centre and Works Yard

Surrey, British Columbia

2012 - 2015

In association with Taylor Kurtz Architecture + Design

Located in a suburban residential neighborhood, Surrey's new 156,000 square foot central operations centre is a phased project that completely rebuilds the existing works yard campus with no interruption to its operations. Three separate structures, containing offices, amenities, change facilities, workshops, maintenance bays and a warehouse, are laid out to maximize the efficiency and safety of fleet movements through the yard. The project's form and material palette communicate openness, warmth and clarity. Fully glazed bifold bay doors maximize natural light in workshops and provide an exterior canopy when open, extending the interior work spaces during warm months. Staff and public entry points and break zones are marked by indented porches lined with tongue and groove western red cedar planks; this finish continues into the lobby where an open skylit stair drives light into the center of the floor plates, acting as a hub for social interaction overlooked by cafe-style break rooms.


2017 NewCity Design Interiors Award of Excellence

2017 NewCity Design Institutional Award of Merit

2016 Ontario Association of Architects Award of Excellence Finalist

2016 Architectural Institute of British Columbia Innovation Award