Idea Exchange Old Post Office

Cambridge, Ontario

2014 - 2018

This adaptive re-use of a listed heritage structure in downtown Galt, part of the City of Cambridge, accommodates a progressive 'bookless' library, comprised almost exclusively of public studio spaces for creation, as well as a restaurant and event space. The design renovates and restores the existing 9,000 square foot post office building and adds another 9,000 square feet to the south and west in the form of a transparent, contemporary pavilion floating above the Grand River. View planes, civic axes and material transparency are used to promote views of the historic structure, strengthen relationships to other civic amenities, and display this exciting program to the downtown community.

2019 National Trust Award

2019 AZ Award for Design Excellence

2019 AZ People’s Choice Award

2019 Architizer A+ Awards Finalist

2019 The Plan Awards Finalist

2018 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence

2018 Architecture MasterPrize Award Recipient 

2016 Architectural Review MIPIM Future Project Awards Commendation