Selected Publications

2005 - 2018


2017   Architectural Record, Waterdown Library and Civic Centre

2017   Canadian Interiors, Waterdown Library and Civic Centre

2017    Yapi: Architecture, Design, Culture and Art, Waterdown Library and Civic Centre

2017   OnOffice: Architecture & Design at Work, Waterdown Library and Civic Centre

2017   Globe and Mail, Waterdown Library and Civic Centre

2016    Architectural Review, Future Project Awards Old Post Office Idea Exchange 

2016    Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue - Eglinton GO Station

2015    Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue - Springdale Library

2014    Canadian Architect.  Governor General's Medals Issue - Bloor Gladstone Library

2013    Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue - Waterdown Library and Civic Centre

2013    Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue - Guelph Skating Pavilion

2012    AIT Magazine.  Feature, Hamilton Central Library and Farmers’ Market

2012    Globe and Mail.  Real Estate feature,  Mississauga Public Library project

2012    Canadian Interiors.  Best of Canada Awards, Hamilton Central Library

2011    Canadian Architect.  Cover Story, Hamilton Central Library 

2011     ARCHITECT Magazine. Cover Story, Hamilton Central Library

2011     Architectural Record.  Building Types Study: Bloor Gladstone Library

2011     Architektur Magazine.  Feature, Bloor Gladstone Library

2010    Canadian Interiors Magazine.  Best in Canada, Bloor Gladstone Library

2010    “Masterpieces: Library Architecture and Design”.  Verlagsrhaus, Braun,Austria.

2009     The Globe and Mail.  Bloor Gladstone Library

2009    Toronto Star.  Bloor Gladstone Library

2009     Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue - Newmarket Operations Centre

2009     Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue - Hamilton Central Library

2009    “Ice Architecture” : First Leaside Financial.  Verlagsrhaus, Braun, Austria

2009    1000X Architecture of the Americas.  Verlagsrhaus Braun, Austria

2008    Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue, First Leaside Financial Headquarters

2007    Canadian Architect.  Awards Issue, Bloor Gladstone Library