project description:

Municipal operations centres rarely attract attention from designers or from the public at large. At the same time, the various departments that contribute to the upkeep of a town or city’s physical environment are critical to the life of the community and deserve to be celebrated. To this end, the Town of Newmarket’s Operations Centre, completed in 2010, is intended as a new civic landmark. Using a straightforward steel structure and an off-the-shelf skin of metal siding and curtain wall, the design represents a pragmatic reinvention of the building type. The 7,000 SM project consolidates three existing municipal departments (Works, Parks and Facilities) and includes staff offices, meeting and training spaces, an emergency command centre, a works yard, materials storage, and facilities for Town vehicle storage, repair and washing, Green strategies include a geothermal heating and cooling system, extensive daylighting and natural ventilation, an accessible, intensive green roof, solar hot water heating, and stormwater collection for irrigation. Awards and Publications: 2012 Governor General's Medal in Architecture. 2009 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence.

newmarket operations centre images: