project description:

RDH in association with 3LHD Architects were recently commissioned to design the City of Toronto’s newest and largest community and recreation facility. The program includes four NHL sized ice-pads (three with seating for 250 spectators each and one with seating for 1000 spectators), a series of multi-purpose and concession spaces, a community hall, an outdoor urban plaza, and below grade parking. The site is currently set in the industrial port lands area east of downtown Toronto, but it will be the first project in an eventual new community of 35,000 residents and 10,000 workers. The site will also be adjacent to a new 100 acre park flanking the realigned Don River. The City has requested that the new facility be designed to fit into the future urban fabric and to have an iconic character. It is also to be designed to be LEED™ Gold Certified as well as to meet the City of Toronto’s Green Design Guidelines. The design challenge was to fit a large complex within the tight street grid layout established by the Waterfront Toronto’s Lower Donlands Framework Plan. In addition the various setbacks and right-of ways applied for future greens spaces, future transit lines, and planned streets afforded only one solution, to stack all four arenas on top of one another. The result is a four level arena complex that reaches 41 meters in height. The result is an iconic beacon that is visible from the Gardiner Expressway and towers in the core. It also offers spectacular views of downtown and the inner harbour from the upper level arenas.

port lands sports centre images: